10 Reasons Comparison is Good For You

A woman on the radio said she clicked on an article link the other day titled, “10 Good Things From Comparing Yourself With Others.”

She clicked on the link thinking, “Finally there are actually some good things that come from all of my comparing!!”

This is what the list looked like:










The end.

Yes, that is a blank list. Because nothing good comes from comparison!

Have you let comparison steal your joy lately? Are you feeling “less-than” or “not good enough?”

Here is a list of 10 things if we were sitting one-on-one this morning, I would want to ask you.


1. Are you feeling at the end of your business rope?
There is much, much, more ahead. Ever had a week that was nothing short of terrible? What is the hope that you have? Let me tell you my secret: I look forward to Mondays. Make Monday your hope! Because we all need fresh starts… we are human after all. Let Monday be a new week, and today be a new day!

2. Are you focusing on your overall health?
If you know me, then you know I’m about your happiness! What feeds your soul? Is it a run? Painting? Reading a good book? Have you been making time for these activities each week? If we aren’t doing these things, I believe our business will lack. We can’t pour from an empty cup after all!

3. Who haven’t you connected with in a while?
Something that works well for me is to keep a list of my friends. Every day I reach out to two of them. Just to connect and let someone else know that I care about them! When your relationships are thriving, you are thriving!

4. Have you made a new friend lately?
If you haven’t, go find one!! There are so many amazing people out there and someone is waiting to meet you! Don’t know where to find a new friend? Read number 5.

5. Have you started something new lately?
Do you enjoy running? Join a running club! Like to paint? Go to a painting class! Just like to chat? Find a local community meet and greet! 

6. Have you quit something lately?
One of my favorite people in the world, Bob Goff, said he quits something every Tuesday “just because.” I LOVE THIS. Sometimes we need to quit doing something to make room for something else. Maybe it’s something really small or something really big, but either way, just let something go!  

7. When was the last time you went to your friends’ parties?
Did you know you can actually go to one of those direct selling parties without purchasing something? You can! Just showing up means so much more to your friend than whether or not you buy any products. Plus, who knows! Maybe down the road you will be in the position to purchase something! It’s all about networking.

8. Are you time blocking?
I loved this idea from Josh Coats, just because we feel like we are working a lot, doesn’t mean we really are. Just because we hop on Facebook for 2 hours and make a post doesn’t mean we are working our business! Business doesn’t happen all on Facebook. It happens in real life. If we time block 1 hour on Facebook posting and commenting, 1 hour to message customers, 30 minutes to watch a podcast, 1 hour to network, we will start to actually work efficiently!

9. Do you know your “why”?
If you only picked one thing to focus on today, focus on this. WHY do you do the things you do? If you are like me, then you might be a little shortsighted sometimes and forget why we do things. When we forget why we started something, it makes it really easy to quit. We cannot afford to be confused on which things in our life we NEED to quit and which things we NEED to give more attention to, or time to. Because like noted in number 1, some really good things just take a little more time than we anticipate.


10. Are you having fun?
Sometimes business can be scary. It can feel defeating and deflating. So, it is extremely important we find our balance! We NEED to have moments that make us giggle. Moments that stretch us and make us feel excited! Find the areas in this business that allow you to have fun and make sure to enjoy the journey!

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That is all for now! It is my joy and privilege to go on this journey with you!! I’m your cheerleader and certainly LOVE nothing more than the opportunity just to get to know you. I believe you are capable of big dreams!