Prayer Circle

I was so blessed by this idea from Lauren Gilmore! The concept comes from the story of Joshua marching around Jericho over and over again.

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Often in prayer I am quick to stop asking. If I go around the city once and it doesn’t work, then that must not be God’s plan for my life, right?

By praying in a circle day after day, I am reminded of who God is and what His plan is for my life. He is so good and has only the best in store for me. I believe this. I believe there is an enemy trying to stop the plan. This enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy! If I let my guard down for a second, I am weak. I cannot afford to not put on my amour daily.

I would challenge everyone to do this! To recenter yourself in God’s promises for your life. What a difference each morning will look like day after day praying the same prayer! Walking around the city seven times.

What is in the center of your prayer circle?
You are worth it.

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