Crippling Potential

“Stop trying to reach your potential.” My sister recalled a sermon from the previous months.

“Stop trying to reach my potential?” 

She continued, “Do you think Jesus fulfilled His entire potential while He was on Earth? Or do you think He fulfilled His Calling?”

There it was, my suffocating problem laid before me as clear as staring at myself in a mirror.


My entire life I’ve had so much potential. Potential to succeed in sports, academics, friendships, you name it. I enjoy winning, and being my best. Always striving for better.

Slowly suffocating me like a thick fog, stealing whatever happiness and turning it into “potential.”

Isn’t it funny when the unlimited starts limiting you?

After a conversation with God, I’m more excited than ever to walk in my Calling. I’m thankful for the competitive spirit God created me with. Thankful for this last valley He took me through. Walking out of the fog thanks to a few words from a loving sister.

With Mother’s day around the corner, I am grateful to have the opportunity to truly dive deep into my calling! My mom has spent her whole life loving her children well, and I’m so thankful loving and raising me was a part of God’s calling on her life!24255012_10215252822899582_8060004995345916703_o

Watching my 4 year old play in the dirt as I type, dreaming of how I can hold her hand into God’s calling on her life instead of showing her the endless potential she has. I do believe the greatest gift I can give her, as her mommy, is to encourage her relationship with Jesus.

So that’s what my new plan is. Exhale.

Are you suffocating? Which path are you walking toward right now; your potential or your calling?

Praying fresh air into your life today,

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