Can I Make Money Selling SeneGence?

Is it possible to make money just selling SeneGence products? Can I make money without building a team?

Such a good question! I’m so glad you asked! 

Answer: YES!

When you become a distributor, you are immediately offered 20% off of anything you order from the company! But let’s take a look at where some of the big dollars are.

During your first 90 days, you are offered 50% off of orders that retail $600+. So, you receive $600 worth of products for only $300!!! WOW!! I don’t remember the last time another beauty store offered me that kind of discount!

… and this is the fun part… the part where you make money!

Turn around and sell those products you just ordered and receive $600 from your customers! $300 goes to pay the company for the products and $300 goes into your pocket!

Does it sound like a lot of money? Let’s look at some  pictures! (Because HEY! I’m visual too!)

WOW! What a difference! You literally can get twice as much for the same price! Are you starting to see where your profits come in?


Take orders from your friends! In this scenario, you take $600 in orders.


Order the products! In this scenario, the total will cost you $300.

Once you receive the products, distribute them to your friends!

You keep what’s left over! In this scenario, you keep $300!!

Rinse and Repeat!

As you can tell, earning potential is lucrative! If an extra $300 a month is what you’re looking for, simply sell what is pictured above in an entire month and you’re there!

If you’re looking for $1,200 a month, then simply sell this each week!


AND!! If you sign up in the month of May, you are going to get a bonus $55 product credit!! 

Ready to start rocking your business? It’s only $55 (Plus shipping and tax)!! I would love to support you!

Click here to sign up and I’ll be in contact with you ASAP! 

  1. Choose Individual Account
  2. Ignore the box that asks for your dba/fictitious name
  3. Choose a start up kit if you wish
  4. Easy peasy!

Excited to chat more with you! Feel free to contact me with any questions! I’m here for you!

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