4 Step Morning Routine Every Mom Needs To Know About

Homemaking has never been my thing, and I’m pretty certain it never will be!

As a full time stay at home mom, finding enough time to do the things I loved (playing with my kids) AND the things I didn’t love (clean and cook) was, for lack of a better word, easy.

When I added in “Work At Home Mom” as part of my job description.. something had to give. Obviously, I picked cooking and cleaning to dump out with the trash.

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Don’t worry, our home has always been “passable” but the endless mountain of clean laundry needing folding and dishes waiting to be scrubbed started to get on my nerves. They’ve taught me a lesson in patience. Nobody is more patient than a dirty dish.

The ENFP in me finally decided it was time to have my cake and eat it too! Charging to the all knowing internet for answers to my deepest life questions, I typed something like “Keeping kids busy” into a Pintrest search.

A Simple Stay at Home Mom Morning Routine that Will Transform Your Days

Okay, catchy title. I’m intrigued. *Click*

The author offered hope of things like drinking hot coffee and a clean house. WOAH. Okay, quiet time with Jesus in the morning too? Yes. Please!

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Inspired to start my own morning routine, I decided to take it easy on myself. By 8:30AM the house is under my power! No longer does the house get to boss me around and whine at me while I work from home.

  1. Make the bed. Very first thing I do, hop out of bed and just make the dang thing. It looks so pretty all neat and tidy I’m ready to accomplish the next task. (The sight of clean)
  2. Start a load of laundry. (The sound of clean)
  3. Unload dishwasher and load morning dishes. (The smell of clean)
  4. Brush my teeth. (The feeling of clean)
  5. Drink warm coffee + Bible time.

That’s it. It’s just 4 things and the 5th is a treat!

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My inner competitive athlete has been LOVING timing myself to see just how fast I can get to the coffee pot. And it might surprise you that if you autopilot the morning tasks before you turn your brain on with coffee, it’s almost like you never even did them but they still got done! Hooray!

Give yourself grace,

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