Toddler Busy Box

“Just give mommy 5 minutes!”

The last year and a half as a work at home mom, there have been plenty of days where the mom guilt kicks in hard as they turn to Netflix and Youtube for entertainment.

Processed with VSCO with s2 presetI’ve watched seasoned WAHMs to see how well they manage life. What kind of black magic must these women be doing? Maybe they all have assistants and maids and chefs and nannies…. because ain’t no way I could live they way they do, so gracefully!

“Science” says (sorry no citations because #mom) it takes 10 years to become an Expert in an area. Let’s take a look at my credentials…

Wife: 6 Years
Mom: 5 Years
Business Owner: 1.5 Years

Uhhh… yeah…. “everything” I am is definitely short of the 10 year Expert time frame. It’s no wonder most days feel like I’m casually drowning… just sipping coffee on the way down for adrenaline. You too?

Enter the BUSY BOX!

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We’ve already all agreed I need help. This magic box supposedly saves the mom guilt AND keeps your kids entertained and happy without their buddy; YouTube!

My husband bought this adorable Frozen Toy Bin recently and now we’re going to fill it up!

Ours has 7 bags inside, 1 for each day of the week. (Okay, I started with Target shopping bags because “I’m Cheap”)

My goal is that each bag would entertain the kids for 1 hour, that’s enough time to take a phone call, listen to a webinar, finish a training, or package some orders.

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What’s inside the bins?
  • One Book
  • One Toy
  • One Hands On Craft
  • One Snack

Each Sunday the plan is to mix them up a little so we’re ready for the week ahead! I may not be an Expert in any area for a few more years, but this is definitely progress toward the promotion!

Smile bigger!

IMG_4348 2

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