Surviving DisneyWorld with Toddlers

All of the magical Disney advice I can give after our latest Disney Adventure!! Because traveling with kids actually CAN be a fun time!

IMG_1176 2

  1. Clip on Stroller Fans: Definitely invest in those clip on stroller fans and water sprayer fans. It’s hellish hot there. Especially when you’re stuck in a line for 40 minutes. If the kids aren’t happy, nobody is happy in Disney! Keeping the kids cool and hydrated made all the difference in attitudes.IMG_1177 2
  2. Use the Fast Passes: Depending how early you purchase your park tickets, Disney will let you reserve Fast Pass tickets on their Disney App a few months before! You are limited to two a day, so make sure you pick the two most popular (I suggest Frozen, Peter Pan, and Jungle Safari)! After you use your fast pass tickets in the park, you can go on your Disney App and reserve a same day fast pass for later in the evening! Getting on a few rides quick, makes the long lines more pleasant. And it’s really fun feeling like you’re special enough to skip the line!IMG_1219 3
  3. Stay at the Disney Resorts: We have stayed at neighboring hotels and Walt Disney hotels, Oh. my. goodness. There is no comparison. Especially if you have small children and will be packing everything but the kitchen sink, you’re going to be praising Jesus for being close to the parks! The beginning of this last trip we stayed off property at first and just getting to the park was a JOURNEY. Leaving Magic kingdom to head to the parking lot has got to be every person’s worst nightmare. Just don’t do it. That’s my best advice! We stayed at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort and had an amazing time! It is within walking distance to BOTH Epcot and Hollywood Studios. Worth every penny!  IMG_1111 2
  4. Ponchos: This one seemed so strange to me before we arrived. Thankfully my husband Amazon Primed a bunch before we left! Florida weather (at least while we were there) was 90 degrees with 90% humidity in the morning and thunderstorms with rain from the heavens in the evening. Get yourself one of those stroller ponchos too if your planning on bringing a stroller. Which brings me to..IMG_1159
  5. A Working Stroller: We’ve been to Disney quiet a few times now and never hauled the stroller. The kids are way too big to carry them around now so we opted to bring the stroller! What we didn’t plan on was how terrible our stroller would be. Like seriously, it’s the worst and doesn’t turn with the kids in it. Our friends had much better strollers making it apparent how terrible ours was. So above is a photo of what not to get (face palm).IMG_0850
  6. Pack a Boot Dryer: Going along with the Panchos from number 4, your shoes are going to be soaked. Sweaty wet shoes don’t smell very good. After two days in my Nikes, I couldn’t handle it anymore. Flip flops for the rest of the trip! That boot dryer would have saved the day!IMG_0941
  7. Enjoy the Hotel Pool: Our kids had the most fun playing in the sandy beach pool right at the hotel! It took us a few days of heat, rain, and long lines before we caved and stayed at the hotel. I’m so glad we did! The Yacht and Beach Club Resort comes highly recommended by us after this trip!IMG_1113
  8. Forget about your hair: The humidity and rain will destroy any “style” you try to have. So bring some pony tales, Minnie ears, and hats!IMG_0982
  9. Enjoy some Character Meals: Eating food AND getting Mickey Mouse walking to your table is magic. Time seems to be quite limited while working through the parks. You’ll get to meet a few characters at the meals and you’ll stand in line upwards of an hour to meet ONE character inside the parks. We love Ariel’s Grotto inside of California Adventure, DisneyLand! This trip, my company had Character Breakfasts set up each morning and a few evening Character Dinners. Totally spoiled!IMG_1311
  10. Leave Plenty of Time at the Airport: This one is a given, but we showed up more than 2 hours early to our flight home and needed every single second to get through security! MCO – Orlando International Airport was nothing like our beloved PDX. When a there is a wait time sign at the beginning of security, you know you’re in for the long haul.

That’s all for now!! I hope you have a magical time in Disney!! We did!!

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