26 Weeks Pregnant – Give Me Maxi!

Somehow the third trimester is staring me back in the face and I cannot wait to snuggle this little girl! Let’s just say, I’m very thankful to have a few months to get our house in order. It will be the second time I pull out the box of baby girl clothes from the garage and go through them. The last time I did this was 4 years ago! How does time go this fast?

Like really, how did I get so lucky to raise three girls?

When it comes to maternity clothes, it’s still the same game for me! I am obsessed with maxi dresses. I mean, I am growing a human and having tight clothes on my growing belly just doesn’t cut it for very long.

I was also extremely excited this morning at church when I remembered this dress has pockets! The perfect spot for my cell phone, because I don’t like carrying a purse if I don’t need to.

Feeling totally spoiled by my friends over at PinkBlush who sent me a perfect dress. Like it feels like a nightgown, except it’s way too beautiful. 100% recommend their clothes and love how easy it was to shop through them.

I ordered this dress true to size. I’m wearing a size small and am 5’7 for reference!

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So tell me, are you a maternity pants, maxi-dress, or yoga pants kind of pregnant mama?