You’re All Alone.

In a world that currently tries to separate us and isolate us and categorize us, I know this one thing: everybody gets hurt. And I might be mistaken, but lately it seems like the majority of people are walking through something painful… right now.

Sometimes I want to quit.

Icing on the cake: after sharing all of these feelings with my husband Saturday morning, we finished our Saturday night in the ER with one of our girls who lost a game of fetch with the doodle. My pathetic body throwing up in the parking lot while my husband carried our two girls inside. The true hero he is.


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Toddler Busy Box

"Just give mommy 5 minutes!" The last year and a half as a work at home mom, there have been plenty of days where the mom guilt kicks in hard as they turn to Netflix and Youtube for entertainment. I've watched seasoned WAHMs to see how well they manage life. What kind of black magic must … Continue reading Toddler Busy Box